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  Carmen World Tour

Are you familiar with Contemporary Christian Music? Then the name "Carman" means something to you! Whether it's the classic, inspirational song "The Champion" or the haunting lyrics of "A Witch's Invitation", Carman's story-songs have ministered to generations of Christian Music listeners, thrilling adults and childern alike. When Carman's long time audio engineer, Ed Crippen, needed an expert systems engineer and crew chief for the 1997 RIOT tour, he turned to Will Sargent of Sargent Solutions.

Carman's tour's are unique in Christian music in three ways: they have always striven to be technically excellent and impressive maintaining the same standards of any secular tour, the venue's include all of the major Arena's (and several NFL stadiums) in the United States. Most Christian tours don't play arenas and Carman does all this as a FREE concert open to the public. The RIOT tour was no exception, playing 120 venues (including 6 stadiums) for over 1.2 million people, in only 6 months.

When the tour launched, it showcased Meyer Sound Labs' newest product, the MSL-4 self-powered loudspeaker. Up to (60) MSL-4's, plus (16) 650-P subwoofers and (8) UPA-1P's made it the largest self-powered touring speaker system in existance in 1996. Over $100k worth of BSS and Apogee processing, in tandem with Meyer's SIM II analyzer, were utilized with the goal of achieving the highest standard in sound reinforcement. While this is a lofty goal for any sound system, it is that much more challenging when a concert is played "in-the-round" (people seated on all sides of a center stage, like boxing), which is how Carman's shows were presented.

Daily responsibilities included customizing the sound systems design (coverage) and wiring (zoning) to suit each venue, supervising and assisting the crews assembling the sound system, and tuning the sound system to acheive the best possible results in that day's venue. The incredible support of the tour management and FOH engineer Ed Crippen, allowed us the flexibility to experiment day in and day out, to achieve the best possible results.

Our goal of making every seat a great seat was achieved daily and throughout the tour. We provided important feedback that assisted in refining and improving Meyer's breakthrough products like the MSL-4 and the 650-P. Many venues, especially stadiums, commented that it was the best sound that they had ever heard out of a touring system. Comparison's on the stadium level, included comments like "It was much better sound than some of the acts like Genesis and U2." For a Christian artist and his sound crew, that's an incredible accomplishment, considering those acts hire the biggest sound companies in the world! We love to "think outside the box" and determine our own level of excellence that supercedes our clients expectations


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