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Concerts and Entertainment
  Everybody loves to go to concerts. We know, because we've personally seen over 7.2 million event attendees. The energy, the lights, the surprises, the show: there is nothing like seeing a favorite artist perform the music you love. If you've paid for a ticket, you've paid for a great experience, whether your ticket cost $10 or $100. Even if your seat is a mile away from the stage, you should still be able to enjoy the event.

Sargent Solutions is proud of our background in corporate and industrial events: events that demand that every seat is a great seat. If the people in the nosebleed section cannot hear what the CEO of the company is saying, how are they going to get motivated to become a superstar? The answer is they won't be. That's why those companies and organizations count on us to make sure that doesn't happen. We bring those same skills and goals to our entertainment productions. There cannot be any "cheap seats," only great seats.

Concerts may just be casual entertainment to the people who buy tickets, but for the artists and staff who make the concert happen, it's their livelihood. Advertising agencies bank on catchy commercials that dramatically impact sales for their clients. In the same way, a well-produced concert (great sound, great lights, great show) can have a dramatic impact on the sales of merchandise at the event: t-shirts, CD's, and memorabilia. As any promoter understands, ticket sales pay for the production, but merchandise sales puts the money in the bank. No matter what the budget level, a high quality production will improve the bottom line of almost any event.

Rock, Pop, Country, Rap, Blues, Jazz, and even the symphony: Sargent Solutions has engineered concerts for virtually every imaginable type of music.


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