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Concerts and Entertainment
  The Gaithers Homecomming

Millions of people the world over decade after decade, have enjoyed the vocal harmonies of Gospel Quartet music. Few people have had more of an impact on the Gospel music industry than Bill and Gloria Gaither. Hundreds of thousands of people have attended "Gaither Homecoming Concerts" and "Praise Gathering's".

First class sound is a top priority of the Gaither's. That's why they own their own production company and equipment "Stage 2 Productions". Over the course of several years, Sargent Solutions has been intimately involved with Stage 2's adoption and integration of trend-setting audio technologies. Sargent Solutions has helped to integrate the latest audio DSP and computer control systems into the Gaither's already state-of-the-art touring audio system. Additionally, provided engineering services during numerous shows each year.

Stage 2 has always been forward looking, and rightfully so: their task is a very difficult one. The challenge is to deliver high-quality touring sound to every corner of an arena. The catch is it has to sound great while not being too loud. Any engineer who has toured major arenas realizes this is a difficult problem, even before you account for the terrible acoustical conditions present in most arenas. Over the course of many years, Stage 2 and Sargent Solutions have discovered that Meyer Sound Labs speakers are consistently an excellent tool to achieve these results. Careful application of design methodoligies and specialized experience tuning large systems has resulted in a mature system of equipment and procedures to make it all a successful reality.

Additional notable achievements include: the testing and evaluation of fully automated mixing consoles, consulting on a BSS Soundweb-based digital processing and distribution system, encouraging the adoption of 802.11b wireless LAN technology to use as a remote control platform, the evaluation of fiber-optic snake systems, and helping Stage 2 to make the transition to an all-self-powered Meyer speaker system.


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