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  Kings of Comedy

What do Steve Harvey, D.L Hughley, Bernie Mac, and Cedric the Entertainer have in common? They are The Kings of Comedy! (at least while they are a part of the tour with the same name...)

Comedy probably the most difficult thing that you could do that you can do in an arena. Why? Normal concerts and even industrial speaking events don't have to overcome the audience laughing! If the sound is not loud enough or clear enough in a given seating section, the crowd will naturally maintain an overall level of noise that allows them to hear what is being said or sung. But what happens when the crowd is supposed to laugh heartily? Well that "good enough" sound for a concert, turns right into "can't hear it at all" as soon as the crowd has one big chuckle. To make it even more challenging, the crowd is all laughing at the same time, so you are always operating in a worst case scenario.

We can see how difficult this is by comparing the before and after financial pictures for this tour. Before Will Sargent (now president of Sargent Solutions) and Spectrum Sound came to the rescue, the Kings were refunding thousands of tickets to angry people every night! They were angry because they couldn't hear, and if you can't hear comedy, why are you there? To make it worse, some of the people are laughing hysterically, which makes it that much more frustrating (it must be funny!). The anger increases with a customer adds up the monies spent for the evening: $100's of dollars on dinner and clothes to make it a great date. The result was a lot of very angry customers. Sargent Solutions was up for the challenge!

By applying the same technology and systems to the Kings of Comedy tour that they used for The Promise Keepers stadium events, Will Sargent and Spectrum Sound were able to assemble a sound system that was ready and assembled in only 3 short hours. It successfully covered every portion of even the biggest arenas, without the use of delay speakers. 400,000+ satisfied customers later, not a single person had asked for their money back because of sound problems. That's listening to a clients dilemas and problems and then turing in around so their reputation is spared and they can do what they do best .... make us all laugh!


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