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Concerts and Entertainment
  Sunrise Christian Church

If you are ever in Sunrise Florida on a Christmas Eve, be sure to stop by the National Car Rental Center and enjoy the massive Christmas eve service that is put on by one of the local churches. Sargent Solutions, in association with Special Event Services and Zebdee productions, has been there twice in the last couple of years, to help make the show a great success.

Have you ever seen 15,000 people holding lit candles in a dark arena do the wave? We have! It's an awesome sight, and one that is sure to keep you coming back, year after year, to join in the celebration. Sargent Solutions helped to make it all possible by designing, installing and tuning a large EAW KF750 speaker system that reached every corner of the arena. Building on experience gained from the Hootie and Blowfish tour, Sargent Solutions was able to take the KF750 system and adapt it to the needs of this event. End result? 15,000 people enjoying a wonderful christmas eve program, and of course, doing the wave with lit candles!


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