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Anyone who has taken a lot of pictures, knows the value of a great scrapbook. It's really fun to look through your pictures, when they are nicely laid out, and commented upon. Creative Memories is a direct-sales organization, that is committed to giving people the tools to build a better scrapbook.

Large sales rallies in convention centers are a challenge for any company. There are a lot of constraints to work around, to present a show that looks great, yet still fits inside the exhibit hall! At the Minneapolis convention center, the challenge is extra difficult, because there is a 90' dome in the center of each exhibit hall! It looks great, but it causes a lot of sound and logistical challenges for the production company to overcome.

For 3 years, Will Sargent, in cooperation with Bartha Visual of Columbus, OH, met those challenges. Utilizing a carefully designed Meyer Sound Labs, self powered speaker system, we were able to put great sound in every seat of the 4000 person exhibit hall, while keeping away from all of the surfaces in the building that would cause considerable problems (the concrete floor where nobody is sitting, the surface of the dome, and the walls.) 24 seperate zones of digital processing were used to deliver premium sound to every seat in the building. To complicate the design further, a house band had to be accomodated, as well as numerous lapel and podium microphones.

In corporate and church events, there can be no bad seats, regardless of the circumstances. If the president of the company, or the pastor of the church can't be heard, then it is all just a waste of time and money. For Creative Memories, Sargent Solutions and Bartha Visual came through with clean, crisp sound to every one of the attendees.


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