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Corporate Events
  Family Life Marriage Conferences

Family Life Marriage conferences are weekend getaways, designed to encourage, uplift, and reenergize married couples. The program is held in arenas, and includes music, drama, and inspirational speaking. The culmination of the event, is a renewing of the vows ceremony for all of the couples present.

Will Sargent, in association with Spectrum Sound of Nashville, TN was brought in to provide systems engineering and FOH mixing expertise for this event. Like many of the events that Sargent Solutions is involved in, Family Life takes place in large venues, where there can be no bad seats. Every seat that is sold, needs to be a good seat.

Using his extensive knowledge and experience with these types of events, Will was able to make the EAW KF900 speaker system reach every corner, of every venue, without delay speakers! The high-power and tight profile of the KF900 system, make it ideal for events that need a quick load-in, but that also need the power to reach every seat in the venue without expensive and time-consuming delay speakers. Compared to a line-array system, the KF900 system rigs faster, requires fewer devices, and offers greater adjustment flexibility to make sure that every corner of the venue is reached.

This same system was used with great success for all of the Promise Keeper's stadium events. The Family Life marriage conferences enjoyed that same level of success, in part due to the extensive skills and system engineering knowledge of Will Sargent and Sargent Solutions.


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