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  God's Leading Ladies

Sargent Solutions and T.D. Jakes ministries have been working together for over 2 years, to provide engineering services and support for everything from regular sunday services, to special event concerts and other remote productions. So when Bishop Jakes and Thomas Nelson Publishing decided to launch a new conference called God's Leading Ladies, Sargent Solutions was naturally given the opportunity to provide a complete production package for the first 4 events.

Sargent Solutions provided a turnkey production solution that included scenic and lighting design, production budgeting and advance work, sound and video design, union labor management, and production advance services. Once the initial design phases were complete, Sargent Solutions contracted all of the sound, video, lighting and scenic vendors, and provided all of the managment and coordination required at the events, to get the production done. All the GLL staff had to do was create the program content, and show up at the event.

Three of the four events were presented in the round, with the fourth event being an encore performance in Philadelphia, since the initial Philadelphia date was sold out. Working with top notch vendors like Bandit Lites, Bartha Visual, Spectrum Sound, and Seth Jackson Designs, Sargent Solutions was able to put together a cost-effective, but very elegant looking set and lighting design that included a complete set of moving lights, and a "chandelier-like" lighting truss in the middle. All of this truss was edged by Maroon draping that added a theatrical flair to the look.

For a sound system, the EAW KF900 system was chosen, for it's compact appearance and extraordinary power. The tight, black cylinders of speakers blended right into the rest of the scenic elements, to provide a clean look with excellent sound quality. Since music is not a focus for this event, speech reproduction is the top priority for the sound system. The KF900 system can project voice and music farther than virtually any other system, with the fewest number speaker boxes required (a total of 64 for the entire in the round system, that covers any size arena up to 20,000 seats.) A Yamaha mixing console and Shure UHF microphones rounded out the audio package. To accomodate the speaker's wishes to have their hands free during their presentation, headset microphones were used for virtually all of the presenters. Since each presenter had unique head and hair configurations, a variety of headset mics were employed. These included mics from DPA, Shure, Crown, and Countryman. When properly fitted, all of the mics achieved excellent results in the poor acoustical environment that an arena provides.

A complete digital video package was put together, that included four cameras, hard disk based video playback, powerpoint graphics, and when needed, a seperate TV audio console. Four 12,000 lumen video projectors projecting on 16x20 video screens rounded out the package, which allowed Sargent Solutions to provide image magnification, even with a substantial level of house-lights on the screen. The quality of the video package was so high, that no changes were neccessary when the show was taped for professional duplication at the Charlotte, NC event. Two extra camera's were added, to provide additional shots, and then the show was recorded direct to DVCPro, for later editing and finishing prior to duplication. By providing the ability for the jumbotrons to be switched seperately from the record feed, the audience always had a close-up shot of the presenter or full screen graphics, while the recorded tape had wide shots and audience close-ups: both are things that are not preferred to be shown on the large screens.

With initial dates in Jacksonville, FL; Charlotte, NC; and two in Philadelphia,PA, the spring 2003 tour attracted more than 36,000 attendees. The focus of the 1 1/2 day event was to empower Christian women to make more informed decisions about finances, housing and career choices. Speakers at the event included Marian Heard, T.D. Jakes, Dr. Suzzane Johnson Cook, Pastor Paula White, Cheryl Martin and Lakita Garth.


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