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  T.D. Jakes Ministries

How does a ministry who already has a worldwide, weekly Television show expand? It starts a daily television show, that talks about practical answers to questions Christians face in their daily lives. When TD Jakes started a new daily TV show "The Potter's Touch", Sargent Solutions was right there to help the ministry get the audio portion of the program off to a proper start

After reviewing the available spaces, and taping a few pilots, it was decided that the existing Potter's House gymnasium should be converted into a TV production studio. Phase 1, which is currently complete, involved making the most of the current space, and just getting the show on the air. With the first year of free airtime provided by TBN, there was no time to waste. Sargent Solutions helped create the wiring and methods used to tie the gym into the existing TV control room's existing PM1D mixing console.

Since the current post-production process does not normally allow for post-production of the audio, it is important to get a clean first-take, but also have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. The show is shot live-to-tape style, and no talent likes to repeat questions because of technical problems. Using innovative mixing and processing techniques, developed with years of doing lav mics in live situations, Sargent Solutions created a method of mixing that allows all of the 8 lav mics to be on at the same time, without picking up a noticed amount of room noise. We also applied technology to solve the tough problem of comb filtering between mics that are in close proximity to each other (and are picking up the same source).


When you add general experience in conjunction with a well known TV director - Dale Hill mixing audio to the mix, you get the well-mixed audio of the Potter's Touch, without post-production. Of course, a multitrack backup is always run, just in case, but to date it has never been used. Sargent Solutions' techniques have been so successful in mixing the Potter's touch, that none of the other "cheaper" engineers have been asked back, in favor of getting it right the first time.


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