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  CNS Ministries

CNS International Ministries is an organization that was founded by Charles Sharpe, to carry out his vision for helping troubled kids and adults. The ministry is dedicated to helping kids and adults recover from lives of abuse, depression, drugs and behaviorial problems. Many of the individuals involved in this round-the-clock treatment program, have been rejected by or unable to be helped by virtually every other state and private program available to them. Heartland, which is the name of the community built to carry out this vision. It is often the last chance for many of these individuals to receive Christ-centered, 24 hour care, in a family environment.

In support of the recovery centers at Heartland, there is a thriving community church of over 500 members, a k-12 private school, and one of the largest working dairy farms in North America. It helps reach out to the local community, and to build awareness of the vision of Heartland. It doesn't end there, Charles Sharpe was led to start a 1 hour long, weekly television show. The format features an inspiring sermon message from his church, a praise and worship musical segment, testimonies from kids and adults whose lives had been changed by Heartland, and a mini-feature of another local church or ministry in the region. It's a great show.

Participating in an ongoing partnership with Al Denson, Sargent Solutions was contacted to design and implement a complete television production system that would both achieve these ambitious goals, and be continue to grow and change with each phase of development. In a moments time, this became a soul-fullfilling project for SS - Heartland grabbed our heart immediately!

To meet the goal of being broadcast quality, while still maintaining a realistic budget, it was decided that professional broadcast cameras and a serial digital switcher, coupled with the DVCam format, would provide the best possible quality while enabeling future upgrades. Sargent Solutions undertook a massive search for equipment, that involved both new, state-of-the-art equipment, and a large variety of quality-used cameras and lighting. All of this equipment was packaged into 3 portable racks, that rival the sophistication and ease of any professional fly-pack video system available.

Since the church is meeting in the multi-purpose gym of the private school, installing TV lighting was a significant challenge. Fortunately, the building's specifications allowed for up to 4000 lbs of lighting and support to be added. Utilizing touring-style trusses and cabling, and an extensive system consisting of over 72,000 watts of fresnel lighting were installed to light both the stage and the audience in the gym. The lighting was color corrected to match the existing metal-halide fixtures that normally light the gym, so that they could help provide some of the "base-light".

Because of these new lighting demands we also made upgrades to air conditioning and power systems in the building. Sargent Solutions worked closely with the Heartland's contractor to specify the additional air conditioning and 300 amps of 3 phase power that needed to be installed. This kept the gym a comfortable temperature under full TV lighting conditions.

Since music is a vital part of the broadcast program, a complete audio split for television was added, along with several Yamaha 01V mixing consoles. This supported the 32 channels of instruments and vocals that the church uses on a weekly basis. The capability to muti-track audio was added in phase 2 of the project to support the optional post-production of the music.

Another challenge in this project, were the local personnell available to work on the crew. Outside of Sargent Solutions, nobody on site had ever done any kind of television production. Because of the remote location of Heartland, bringing in skilled people from outside the community was simply not an option. One staff person was assigned to the project for directing and editing the weekly show. All other members of the production team would had to be local volunteers of both teens and adults. Due to the intense nature of Heartland's recovery program there is a high need for cross-training staff and the program members. The task put before Sargent Solutions was simple, but daunting: train a bunch of people who know nothing about TV production, to produce a broadcast quality TV show by themselves.

Next, the show needed to begin airing ASAP (because airtime was already purchased), Will Sargent temporarily moved to Heartland for 4 months to install the equipment, fine-tune-it, and train all of the personnell involved in production. Training was conducted from basic Camera operations and framing, all the way to directing video and audio engineering. This also included: editing, post-production, duplication, lighting, and location shooting. Most of the people involved in production were "non-technical" people to begin with. Most being teachers and students.

Despite this significant challenge, Heartland went on the air in a timely manner, and is still continuing to broadcast today on all of the broadcast TV stations in the region, plus the INSP network. To date, Sargent Solutions has been involved in 2 additional Christmas specials, and 8 other special interest programs which were produced at Heartland.

Currently we have taken steps towards the future construction of a new television production facilties on site. Again our heart is encompassed by the mission of Heartland. So, it is wonderful that we are able to support some of the additional goals of the ministry. "All things work together for good..."


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