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Facility Design
  Your facility: you only get one chance to build it right. Today's events demand high-quality sound, tasteful lighting, great video, and, most of all, accommodations for the future.

Lots of consultants design facilities. It's easy to look at sales literature and design something that works great on paper. And their sales pitch? You can bet it will be slick and impressive. But what's the facility's true functionality? Will it profit you according to your forecast? Will it be ready for your needs in three years?

We are often called to solve crisis situations involving facility flaws. One time specifically we were called in to fix a huge Christmas show with complicated riders from several artists. Although the facility was new, they had failed to select a few minor improvements in equipment and design that would have accommodated large productions. So the profit that might have been made went out the window.

Invariably, a facility's weaknesses will rear their ugly heads: not enough power, the wrong set of speakers, no accommodation for additional items. When it all falls apart, it could be your neck on the line. Who wants to explain to the pastor or board that the brand new system simply cannot handle what the church is now asking of it? That more money has to be spent and retrofits put in place? All of it could be very ugly and usually quite expensive.

Don't get caught in this trap! Sargent Solutions employs designers and engineers that are road-tested. Our livelihoods depend on our ability to actually create great sound, lights, and video, not just design it without ever running it.

Before you choose a consultant, ask them these questions:

Has your consultant run sound for over 7.2 million people?


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