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PM1D Specialists
  Yamaha's flagship PM1D digital mixing console represents, in our opinion, the finest live audio mixing console available today.

Sargent Solutions has as much experience utilizing this amazing piece of equipment as anyone on the earth. The sound quality is fantastic and the instant recall is flawless. The reliability is rock-solid. Having used the console to mix for more than one million people since its release in 2001, Sargent Solutions has had a zero-failure rate with this console. If the show must go on, in our opinion, the PM1D is the only way to go.

We have used every competing console in this class: Innovason, DigiCo, Soundcraft, and Harrision Showconsole. While every console has unique features and personality, the PM1D wins hands down for providing the perfect balance of ease of use, reliability and features. The hardest part to change (the physical control surface) is its strongest asset. No other console comes close. Ever used a PM4000? I guarantee that within a few minutes of playing with the PM1D, you will be comfortable enough to mix a show.

Carnegie Hall a 10-minute rule on their PM1D: If they think you are not competent enough to run the console after 10 minutes of mixing on it, they will not allow you to mix your show. NOBODY has failed the test yet.

With the PM1D the engineer is not limited by the equipment he has available in his rack. Need another gate? No problem. There's one on every possible channel. Eight effects processors not enough? Patch in more external devices! If 112 channels of mixing capability are not enough, daisy chain a second engine and get 224!


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