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V-DOSC Speakers
  Nearly anyone who has done research on professional sound systems has come across the latest rage: The Line Array. If you read far enough, you'll see these types of speaker systems sold as the ultimate solution for every audio problem.

The truth is, Line Arrays are incredible tools. Other types of speaker systems need the touch of a seasoned expert to achieve what a good line array can do in the hands of a novice. Having used all of the major line arrays, we can say with experience that there is nothing like mixing on a well tuned line array.

But as great as line arrays are, they are not the solution for every audio problem. Experience also tells us, that even in the best circumstances, a typical line array is only one part of the entire sound system. Additional, conventional speakers are nearly always required to compelete the coverage and capabilities.

It all goes back to competent design: Who are you going to trust to design your sound system? An Electrical Engineer that has never personally mixed on one or had to put one up, or a seasoned group of audio veterens who have made their careers getting great sound night after night. Don't be a test case! Call the folks that have been there, done that: Sargent Solutions.


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